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Year: 2011

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Onderstaande is geschreven als opdracht voor een online Meester…

toy wrote a story for Sir as part of her Christmas assignment.

This story tells an alternative to how toy and Sir met each other...



Let me introduce myself.. I am Lise, a young, not unattractive, woman. In this story I will tell you how I met my Master and how he got me. I was shopping downtown, visiting shop after shop, when I unintentionally wandered into the part of town where one could find the shops catering to a different lifestyle then I was used to at that moment. Seeing the window displays, with all sorts of nice and shiny clothes, it sparked something in me… I could not name it at that time but I did not go back on my steps to the main streets where I came from… I kept looking at the window displays not daring to go inside, but enjoying the displays never the less. One shop however was different then the others… No closed door, a bright and friendly look at it, and through the window I could see some intricate steel things. I could not really see what it was, and wandered in to get a better view.

Inside the shop, they had what appeared to be cages of all sorts, square, rectangular, even round and hexagonal. While looking at all the different cages, I noted a door to a side room, slightly ajar, but not enough to see what they had in the other room. At the same moment I - distracted as I was - bumped into a handsome guy. Apparently the owner of this store. That ‘bumping’ you could take literal. He had to take a step or two back and I landed, not all to elegantly, on my bum.

I started to stammer an excuse, trying to get up and preparing to flee the scene, when he came back over to me and held his hand out to help me up.
This handsome, muscular Man, helping this young lady up.. I didn’t know what to say, still preparing to run the moment I would be at my feet. But he held on to me, did not let my hand/arm go. You could say that this is the moment I met my Master.

He introduced himself and asked for my name… lise I said. He said it is a lovely name for a lovely lady, is what he said... He complemented me on my looks and asked if I had been at his store before. You, as a reader,  already know this was not the case, and this is also what I told him. Even asking what it all was he had for sale here. He did get the hint this was my first visit ever to this part of town.

For a moment he scared me when he started talking, saying: “So, my young lady, you are new here? Want some coffee, perhaps?” It startled me because I did not expect this much kindness!
I accepted his cup of coffee, and we had some small talk. As it was running late, I had to leave, my parents were expecting me over for dinner. But he invited me to come back on a later date, and I accepted, although in my head I kept thinking: “How to get out and not return, I feel so embarrassed.”

However, while at my parents for dinner and later at home, I could not stop thinking about the handsome man in the shop. Odd name for a shop… though.. “Just Hardware”, although very fitting as it sold nothing but steel, but still I thought of it as a weird name for a shop.

I was wondering if I was falling in love with this man; thinking of him gave me that strange feeling, as did thinking back of his shop. But I never thought of myself as a pervert or anything like that… and for selling cages and other steel things, you had to be that for sure?

After a night’s sleep, filled with weird dreams, I woke up the next morning, determined to forget my strange thoughts and I went to work as usual. But my (half) day at work was again filled by distraction and wandering thoughts. After work, my car seemed to drive by its own, parking a few blocks from the shop. My feet seemed to walk on its own,  and before I knew what was going on, I was back in his shop again.

This enchanting man welcomed me again and asked what he could do for me. I fell silent and stammered something unintelligible. So, he did most of the talking, while I listened. He assumed I was intrigued by the hardware he sold and started by giving a tour around the main area of the shop. At first he only showed a few cages, but when seeing a cage formed like a chair, I somehow blurted out that I wondered what it would be like to be caught in that.

From that point on, the tour changed a bit, as he insisted that I try out every cage he showed to me. Starting with the chair like one, a very flexible one, a big round square one, but also some very small ones. This took the biggest part of the afternoon, and we were done around closing time.

But in the meantime, he had off course to tend to the customers coming in from the street. First time he did that, he just left me in the cage I was in at that moment and walked - without saying anything -  away. I felt embarrassed to be left in that cage, but was thankfully to be in a rather secluded spot of the shop.

One of the later times though, we were in the middle of the shop when a customer came in.. Again, he left me there and I could hear the complete conversation between the shop owner and the customer, discussing some cage types. All of a sudden he said: “I have one of the cages on full display, come and I will show you.” He took the customer to the cage I was in… I was terrified! But also felt something else… The way I was on display…. I felt… aroused…

At closing time, I finally learned his name… Just. So Just asked me if I wanted to have dinner with him. What else could I say but “yes”? Just promised me to show me the rest of the store when we came back from dinner.

We first went upstairs to his apartment, so he could get his wallet and jacket. His apartment almost looked like a continuation of the shop, all cages and steel contraptions around. Just got his wallet and we left for dinner.

We talked a lot over dinner, and it turned out he feels the same about me as I do about him… Are we in love then? No idea, but I sure don’t want to leave him! Although I am still confused about all the steel and cages and all… it still feels good, safe to be with him.

Over dinner I asked lots of questions about his business, how he got involved in it and all. I really wanted to get to know him much better. He in turn asked his load of questions, which I answered truthfully.

After dinner, we headed  back to his place. I was maybe an itsy bitsy tiny lot tipsy, but that would not spoil a nice evening! We talked more when we came back at his apartment and he continued - or at least tried to - the tour around the shop. But as I could not stop giggling at every word he said, he quickly stopped the tour and put me in a cab home.

The next morning I woke up with a headache about the size of the Big Ben, complete with the ringing bells. So I drank as much water as the tap would give me, but couldn’t think straight.. Thank god for Saturdays!

After some time I sobered up a bit and went for groceries. On returning home, I heard the phone ringing, but could not get inside fast enough to pick it up. A few seconds after I started staring at the phone, the familiar flash from the voicemail signal lit up. Someone had left me a message.

The message was short but simple: “Hi, it’s me, ehh.. Just… you ehh forgot something, please give me a ring? My number is 0161 - 487 5847?

Off course - as a woman - I could not resist calling back for several reasons, the first being, that I wanted to know what I forgot. The second because I wanted to hear his voice again. So I called him back, and he told me I had forgotten my briefcase over there. I could come and pick it up, or he  could come over and drop it off. I chose the latter and blurted out the question if he would like a home cooked dinner by me. Stupid, off course, as I did have nothing to make dinner with. Meaning I could run to the store again. After an hour in the kitchen, the doorbell rang. It was him, coming for dinner… Oh, and he brought me my briefcase, off course.

The next few weeks we saw each other more and more, either I went to his shop, or he came over for dinner at my place.