Female Domination

Cover of How To Set Up An FLR

How To Set Up An FLR

A Couple’s Guide to Female Led Relationships

Year: 2013
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Cover of Hungrig nach Macht I

Hungrig nach Macht I

Bondage & Discipline

Year: 2011
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Cover of Hungrig nach Macht II

Hungrig nach Macht II

Bondage & Discipline

Year: 2012
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Cover of I Was a Teenage Dominatrix

I Was a Teenage Dominatrix

A Memoir

Year: 2002
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Cover of Im Dienste meiner Herrin

Im Dienste meiner Herrin

Year: 2008
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Cover of In Demut l(i)eben

In Demut l(i)eben

Das Tagebuch der Zofe Paula ; mein Leben als Sklave

Year: 2006
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Cover of In der Hand von Nimroden

In der Hand von Nimroden

Bondaged Baby-Girl 2 ; Mein Leben als erwachsenes Baby

Year: 2010
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Cover of In Her Service

In Her Service

Year: 2005
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Cover of Inamorata


The Erotic Art of Michael Manning

Year: 2005
Hits 961
Cover of Inequities


Year: 2008
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Cover of Ins Röckchen gezwungen

Ins Röckchen gezwungen

Year: 2001
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Cover of Intiem


Year: 2008
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Cover of It’s Only a Game

It’s Only a Game

The Autobiography of Miss Whiplash

Year: 1992
Hits 865
Cover of Jeux de dames cruelles

Jeux de dames cruelles


Year: 1992
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Cover of Journey Into Chastity Trilogy

Journey Into Chastity Trilogy

Year: 2012
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Cover of Kiss Me, Katherine

Kiss Me, Katherine

Year: 1996
Hits 766
Cover of Kiss of Fire

Kiss of Fire

A Romantic View of Sadomasochism

Year: 2003
Hits 856
Cover of Lady Nightshade

Lady Nightshade

Year: 2004
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Cover of Lady Skyy

Lady Skyy

Weekend Mistress

Year: 2008
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Cover of Latex Lolita Domina

Latex Lolita Domina

Das Leben der Princess Fatale

Year: 2012
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