Cover of Anal Pleasure and Health

Anal Pleasure and Health

A Guide for Men, Women and Couples ; 4th revisd ed.

Year: 2010
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Cover of As She’s Told

As She’s Told

Year: 2008
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Cover of Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself

The Complete Guide to Masturbation

Year: 2012
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Cover of First Time

First Time

Year: 2009
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Cover of In Flagranti

In Flagranti

Year: 2007
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Cover of Obsession


Year: 2008
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Cover of Onanieren für Profis

Onanieren für Profis

Ein Ratgeber für Männer

Year: 2005
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Cover of Pussy Games

Pussy Games

Year: 2013
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Cover of Super Sex Girl

Super Sex Girl

Exhibitionism - Glory Holes - Masturbation - Pee - Stockings - Blow Jobs - Panties

Year: 2016
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Cover of The Truth About Sex

The Truth About Sex

A Sex Primer for the 21st Century Volume I ; Sex and the Self

Year: 2011
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